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Friday, July 15, 2011


Traveling man
He's a hippy
Sailing 'round the world
Going to dance parties
And sleeping around.

Traveling man
He's a magic man
A black magic man
Cooks his breakfast
In a frying pan

Traveling man
Where is he now
He loved me once
But he's forgotten how
And the world comes
Tumbling down.

Traveling man mustn't miss me
Compared to all those sights and sounds
I only want it
With the lights turned down

Traveling man
Free to be me
Jet setting
With all the other crazies
First he's manic
Then he's lazy

Traveling man
Don't look down on me
I'm doing my own thing
I don't need criticism
or anything mean

Traveling man
With all his plans
A famous DJ
With thousands of fans
All I have left
Is the memory of holding hands.

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