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Friday, February 17, 2012


The word is God
But I can't manage that,
I end up sounding like
A used car salesman
(God give her a line)

Physical things
I can handle better
But I wish I hadn't
Sent that letter
(He wouldn't be my valentine)

You know, the raw stuff
A brisk walk
Laying down blinking
And sex, yes I'm good those things
(Sometimes, when the weather is fine)

But I just sit around with Con
He's my bestie
While all other peeps are at work
Talking shit about the test series
(Sometimes we talk in rhyme)

See here, it's akrasia
Words just drive me
All the crazier
Knowing best, but acting lazier
(I'm just me, and I'm fine)

God forgive me
For being a dumbass
Exploiting the World Wide Web
And talking brass
(Just give me some time)

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