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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hey La

I wanna write a song
And put it on the radio
For you
So that you come back
Baby please come back
Where has he gone
Why did he leave
Without a kiss goodbye
I'm sorry that you were locked up with me
But I wish you could see
That I'm young
And I'm in love
Hip hip hoorah
Come back
Baby please come back
And I'll do everything I can
I'd paint the town red for you
I'd sing a song
I'd write a poem
I'd give up smoking
I'd just be the way I am
So satisfied
With one little kiss
It's you my heart does miss
If we couldn't or shouldn't or wouldn't
It still would be
So heres my fight
You know I'm shy
I was going to get a food voucher
To help me out
But I'm too proud
And so you see
I might not be perfect
But I'm happy
And that's all
I want you to be
So ok darlin'
Do what you want
Hope you get your four kids
And your house
But what about me
I died and went to zion
The sky shone
And I looked down
And thought
A little prayer for you
So if you dare
Come back
Baby please come back
Cause we've got something special
You know when we argued
I really meant well
I was just going through hell
And so were you
I want, I want my bf back
What can I do
To get through to you
I've got, I've got
A lot to give
So please be true
Hey boy come back you
Even though I cannot seem
To be poetic anymore
Without my muse
What can I do
Hey baby come back you!
La la la la
La la la la.

Photo courtesy of  imagerymajestic

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