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Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Star.

(Announcement) You know happiness is my star!
For so long I'd forgotten
So many things have gone wrong
So many people unforgiven

"Better to have loved and lost
Than  never loved at all"
Only got one thing to tell you
That I want more


Baby I want more
Wanna hit the dance floor
Want you in my heart and soul
Like I never have before

Are you walking out the back
Come on and get behind me Jack
All you want is to hop into the sack
Well it's giving me a panic attack!


Help  me chase the clouds away
Let us greet a brand new day
Get down upon my knees and pray
Do whatever that you say


So what'll it be Gus
You know I think
we'd better discuss -
Can you be the one whom I can trust?


So why don't you come back Stan
And I'll be doin' what I can
to make it better and better
Forever and ever.

Image courtesy of Niklaus Hunziker /

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