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Monday, November 9, 2009

Children of the baby boomers.

Guitars masters moving faster
Charming raindrops on my chin
Go to the beach
And bare your skin
Tell me please
Why do we sin

Fine sunny days of walking faster
say hello
To your foster mother
make a loaf of bread
and eat it with oysters
and beer, to wash it down with

Scratch your heart like a crybaby
Snake around like a she lady
lose perspective and go out with anyone
The Buddha says we're all just one
Keep a file on the fun
Hold your parasol up to the sun

Climb the hill and nearly die
From not warming down
But please don't cry
You seem to be
a little bit shy
Just don't ask me why

I'm fine, fine I say
spoil my thing
and go to think
Tie me up
To the kitchen sink

Hearts of heaven
Days of gold
Kissing cousins
In days of old
Play a card
and play it straight
Not ever taking the bait

Ties of love
and friends of hope
rent a car
and drive me crazy
Guess I'm in love but lazy
Pornography and lies so tasty.

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