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Friday, December 4, 2009

With or Without You

Oh Dadda what should I do
Can't seem to get it on with you
I've been nightclubbing
But it hurt my ears
Did you feel my tears
I've been radio dubbing
but now I've lost the keys
Been over land and seas

It was dirty and filthy and wierd
the old man grew a beard
I've been bird watching
botany sketching
and I've known fear
Drove into a rear
It's close but is it near
This courtesan is dear

I went to the garden
I went to the zoo
I went to the beach
looking for you
I went to India
I went to Italy
I went to Paris
I smoked some charis

I haven't got an obsession
with building houses
or making babies
I'm just picking daisies
I'm not a hound
I just float around
enjoying all the sights and the sounds

I've seen and heard
The big bad word
The wild things
And I've probably sinned
I wrote to the Queen
But I didn't get invited
For a cup of tea
What can you
Do for me?

Oh dadda what can I do
my heart aches
and I feel so blue
It's not all about having a pretty face
We could go to the park and have a race
Or I can just go to outer space
People 'll say that's awesome
And I'll say I did it
I went to outer space
I looked out the window and saw the stars
and it was so ace!

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