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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Getting Ignored.

I went to extremes to get your attention
Don't know what it was, imbalanced perception
Don't know who I am without your reception
Perhaps it was wine that made this conception

Just sent the text to make a connection
Said stuff you shouldn't mention
wishing I could ease my tension
Now I wish I had stuck with convention

Withering underneath a grey heaven
Chain smoking, sitting at home on the pension
You were mean to me about my suspension
You said the whole thing was all my invention

I didn't mean to cause this contention
I just fucked up with no intervention
I fell for your little pretension
and then you put me on detention

I wonder if you have comprehension
Of what it's like in this dimension
Or even if you have recollection
Turning your back on loves ascension.

At least if we could ease this rejection
Go back to before, heal the abstention
To cause offense was not my intention
Maybe you're right it was all a projection

Now sitting here upon reflection
Madly missing your affection
Vainly hoping to win the election
Just to be a part of the collection

I'm wondering around lost in indirection
furiously crying over my imperfection
when I was humble for correction
and all I wanted was your protection.

You probably think it sounds like an obsession
And that you're very busy with your profession
that theres someone else with which you have some progression
I'm telling you now this is all sexual repression

You're just a dark horse, you made an impression
And then I acted with indiscretion
and so you fled in a different direction
Then you come out of nowhere again with the usual self possession

Put it down to intuition
It has it's pleasures, my submission
I'm in deep need of recognition
Although I am not quite the tactician

You act like a talented magician
although you suffer from inhibitions
You are your very own musician
Cast me aside from your ambition

Making your plans like a clinician
Whilst I am sitting at home mixing potions
No opportunity for discussion
totally missing my devotion.

Will you give into the temptation
And have a taste of my dedication
Stop at once the sarcastic definitions
And come over to my house for nights of perfection.

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