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Friday, February 18, 2011


I don’t know about this unrequited love habit,
is that because I had a weekend father?
I don’t know about getting drunk and then writing poetry
Is that because it doesn’t matter?
It was just a dream honey.
I’ve run out of money
I’m sitting here getting lonely
May as well have eggs and coffee
sitting down to read the funnies.
Before you put me away with the loonies
May as well suck a lolly
May as well try to remain jolly.
There’s no point getting down
So I”m acting like a clown
I’m feeling too sweet
I thought it was kind of neat
Until I missed a beat
Just for toffee's sake press delete
Dreaming, curled up in a sheet.
I used to miss my Dad, now more than ever
Now that he’s been taken away to heaven.
So Lassy the diagnosis is just
A typical Freudian father complex.
And the only solution is the 12 bar blues.
And I lost my shoes.
In which I danced around
Like a kangaroo
You must just think I’m a fool
Hell I’m almost ruined
Anyway who asked you for an opinion
On this summers eve of endless didgeredoo
Oh dear what can I do.

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