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Monday, July 9, 2012

Flower Power

Flowers growing in a field
Whilst a gypsy
Picks her yield
There's the farmer riding by
A child dancing in the sky
A Shepherd boy working grimly
Whilst the witch says a spell
To wake the pixies
A traveler with his purse of gold
Walking via a faeries hold
Sees a lass and falls in love
But alas the faeries do a trick
And the travelers purse they nick
So feeling poor and woe begone
Now thinking that his love is gone
He has no gold for ale or inn
He calls his faithful Rin Tin Tin
And off they go to see the witch
He says to her if you retrieve my purse of gold
And allow my love to unfold
I'll pay you with two pieces of gold
The witch says I will do it for you
But I want one other thing
I also want your silver ring
The traveler reluctantly agrees
Thinking of his dear mother across the seas
The witch chuckles and mutters the faeries oath
And leads him to a bushel that grows
There is your gold and now for me
The traveler he breaths heavily
He pays her with two pieces of gold
And takes his ring from finger with a tear in his eye
And goes on his way with a low murmured sigh
But then his dear lass he suddenly sees
And Kneeling down upon his knees
I have no ring but I"ll buy you one
And be the father of your firstborn son
I've traveled the world and I've never seen
Anything precious as your beauty
The lass gets her father
And they invite the man to tea
And so the family agree eventually
There'll be a wedding and the day is set
Whilst the lovers whisper to each other
How glad that they've met
And so the villagers prepare
And that day there is a party for the couple to wed
The gypsy sells them lots of flowers
And the farmer brings them lots of chowder
The witch she brews some some magical powder
The Shepherd packs his pipe with some weed
Tinkling faintly in the wood
Are voices as small as tiny ants on wood
Faeries, cheering for flower power

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