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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Apple Pie

It's the best day
Patriots day
We rule the world
And we're on fire
We're millionares
And we've got sky scrapers
We've got nukes
And spooks
Ford, the fortune 500
And Ronald Mcdonald
We've got Maddy's tunes
Everyone's got their own room (maybe)
We're all very well to do
Our meals are gigantic
We've got outposts in the Atlantic
This melting pot
It's fantastic
Our measures are quite drastic
We know all about plastic
The economy is elastic
We've got oil drills
On the moon
It's thanksgiving soon
Where the mentally ill son forgets to come
And the Mum fries turkey in vegetable oil
The Dad watches football on TV
Whilst the daughter gets into her get up
In the end the whole family gets fed up
So we have apple pie
Until next year, it's goodbye.

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