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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My bf's.

Could you disturb me a little tiny bit
And give me some tears
So I can wash away my fears
Could you love me a little bit please
A kind word here
A word for me
Could you come back to me please
As I'm bored to death
And no doubt the house is a mess
As I stay in bed to rest
So sick and tired
Of this doctors test
It'd really be better
If you'd come back to bed
I miss you after all
Even if you played with  my rep
It wasn't that bad after all
I'm sorry
My life is such a wreck
I wish this doctor would
Go to hell
I think they will
If they're
Not more careful
They're just makin'
Me feel awful
What's they're problem
Oh so anal
Stick up their
Bloomin' renal
Anyway that's not the issue
lets throw apples at their heads
Lets carve out stones
And heal our bones
Lets us build
Our castle home
And buy some hounds
To set on them
Why should they murder me when
They're not my mother or Father
They're not my friends
Who is this cunt
That does this thing
God kill them
Before I do a sin
Freaking me out
With your god damn
Canst even sew
Canst even knit
Oh come back lover
Come to me
Some honey
For my sweets
For love is the child of liberty

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