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Friday, November 9, 2012


Speed dial a cab
Take me downtown
Keep the change
Light a smoke
Window shop
Get around
On rocket skates
Buy a dress
To eat your date
Get some shoes
They're well to do
It's so nice to shop
To stop feeling blue
Get some lunch
Buy some little thing
Purely based upon a hunch
And put it in your pocket
For luck
Once I'm dressed up
I can go out.
Wanna get what I want
Wanna do what I like
I think I might buy
That pink motorbike
And load up the satchels
With stockings
Keeps me hoping
and stops me moping
Gives me thrill
There's no point worrying about bills
Will go ten million feet
will lie, will steal, will cheat
Just to have
Egyptian sheets
And so it's time
To have some wine
And we're looking
Full well fine
It's all in our little
Shopkeepers mind
One day you might find
Out about
The white lie
So until then
Just get it
Just buy it
Just take it home
And keep it
Put it in the palace and be
Pleased with it
We're happy
We're free. 

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