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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Cigarettes and coffee
with chocolate and cherries
Brandy on ice
And frothy milk with spice

Love hearts with darts
Picasso's art,
Blood, blood, blood
A coat on a hook

Hookers with knickers
And cafe dinners
Sultry singers
Masturbating sinners

Frappes with bells
And the Lord says
You'll go to hell
But that he likes
Your sense of humour

'Cause we're insane
We're Mary Jane
We're funny dames
We've lost our names

Better find a number
Better hook up
Better get some nasha
And passion pop

Bubble bath and
Truffles, candles
And rose petals
Lady love

Lazy, lazy,
Daisy and maisy
Racing, racing,
Steal the air and Fred Astaire
Dragon lurking in his lair

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