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Friday, November 9, 2012


The strangest day
A winding way
A butterfly lives
Just for a day
The most beautiful flower
The floating gown
The baskerville hound
A table round
A ladies sound
An ants mound
A way to grow
A dress to sew
Hair in a bow
A pike a stake
Head down low
A horrible rake
Girl drwoning
In a lake
Pinch me, please, pinch me
Tell me that
I'm quite awake
An evildoer
Done a knot
His lass he tried
To spoil rot
Oh no
No more words
Gosh, words!
Words and nausea
Sultry and Saucier
Better think
Before they go beneath
Come betweeth
And seethe, seethe
Love to bring my heart relief. 

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