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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Billionaire

Laugh la la a
Little by little
When you're broke
And down and out
Wanting a smoke
and a can of coke
Buying your food
From a rubbish bin
Sinking in sloth
Greed is a sin
There's nothing more
And nothing less
No place alone
Down to the bone
You narrow your gaze
And purse yor lips
You go on your way
Maybe you're hip
No use in
Giving them lip
Because they've got
Don't know what to say
To what they said
They'll be the curse
Of the sweet and content
I'll take you out
and buy you dinner
And get you drunk
I'll let you know how
I became a winner
'Cause I'm a gold spinner honey
With a heart of gold
I got ten rings
and land and sea
Fish and bread
I do what I want
I'm free!

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